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Industry pain point

  • Difficulty in building charging piles

    Older neighborhoods, parking lots, etc. are difficult to build charging piles

  • Difficulty in charging at peak

    Holiday travel service area charging difficult

  • Difficulty in expanding grid capacity

    Dramatic increase in charging demand, grid upgrades difficult


  • Energy supply in staggered peaks

    Balance the load of the regional power grid, replenish the energy when the power consumption is flat, and charge the normal output when the power consumption is peaked

  • Compact and flexible

    Small footprint for placement and operation, no change in existing access conditions

  • Come wherever you are called

    Vehicle owners can make reservations in advance to meet the demand for fast access to power supply, replacing "car looking for charging pile" with "charging pile looking for car", making charging more efficient

  • Flexible deployment

    Easy to deploy, fast deployment, no need for huge infrastructure costs, temporary expansion of the charging area to meet peak power demand