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Industry pain point

  • Difficult recruit

    Dull, intense work with high safety risks

  • Low efficiency

    Long working hours, high physical exertion, difficult to concentrate

  • Difficult manage

    Complex backgrounds of personnel make it difficult to manage

  • High staffing costs

    Security patrols require multiple schedules to ensure timeliness


  • Full-time inspection

    Back-office personnel can set up patrol routes, which can realize 7x24 full-time inspection without fear of cold and heat

  • Environmental monitoring

    Inspection process can be realized during the over-temperature warning, specific gas concentration detection, fire detection and other functions

  • Data analysis

    Inspection time, location, problem statistics, problem lists can be generated and shared in real-time reports, automated documents are more accurate, eliminating the need for extensive manual verification

  • People-oriented service

    In the course of patrols, the vehicle and the public voice interaction, police advice, cyclic tips on the characteristics of the site environment, the provision of emergency items for the convenience of the people

  • Face recognition

    Through the police face library data, to provide blacklist management, the inspection process of real-time capture to identify the face, abnormal alarms

  • Vehicle identification

    Open up the police license plate library, provide blacklist management, real-time capture of abnormal license plates and failure to park in designated areas during the inspection process, and early warning

  • One-button alarm

    Help seekers can patrol car "one key" alarm, synchronized police and personnel positioning, rapid police disposal

  • Panoramic monitoring

    360-degree video surveillance and video recording, video real-time back to the police command room, and support historical data playback